Universal-machining centre HDC 1250

Whether high dynamic milling or heavy machining, through the selection of the milling units, the HDC 1250 is universal applicable and perfectly suited for all machining tasks.

Thanks to a compact architecture and high quality axis drives, the "youngest" of the HDC series shines through accelerations from up to 5 m/s² and rapid traverse speeds from up to 50 m/min.

The thermo symmetric basic construction as well as the Y-stand and the Z-slide which are damped with mineral cast, offer excellent stiffness for a high dynamic machining and great machining quality.

With the modular machine concept you can decide to equip the HDC 1250 with either a rotary table or a full automatic 2-way pallet changer.

In either way you will have a clamping surface from up to 800mm x 800mm (pallet-changer and rotary table).

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HDC 1250
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Product brochure / Traverse path plan

HDC 1250
Traverse path